Documents Required: Export Licence

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Document Description
Identity Document Identification Card, Passport or Driver’s Licence
For non-Caricom nationals, a valid work permit
Business Registration or Incorporation Documents Full incorporation documents must be submitted
Environmental Permit Not required for LPG or lubricants.
Not required for fuel under 2000 litres.
If an environmental impact assessment study has been conducted, a certified copy of the document setting out the outcome of such study must also be submitted
Police Clearance Certificate In cases where the applicant is an individual
Petroleum License Petroleum Licence from the Guyana Fire Service (GFS)
GNBS Certificate Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) certificate verifying pump accuracy
A List of all Storage Facilities
  1. The location of the storage facilities.
  2. The capacity of the storage facilities.
  3. The ownership of the storage facilities (including the ownership of the land on which the storage facilities are situated, if different) and, in the case of shared ownership, the basis of sharing.
  4. The names of other wholesalers sharing the same storage facilities.
Approved/Construction Designs Plans approved by the Central Housing and Planning Authority or the relevant NDC or other authorized body
List of the Ports of Entry The ports of entry through which the applicant intends to import petroleum or petroleum products
Written Confirmation from the supplier A letter from the proposed supplier of the petroleum products confirming their ability to provide the relevant products for import into Guyana
Specifications of the products to be imported Detailed list of the chemical properties of the fuel to be imported
Specifications should be consistent with the relevant approved national Standard.
Not required for lubricants
Estimates of quantity of products to be imported Estimate should be stated per product, per month or per annum
Tax Compliance Certificate Tax Compliance Certificate issued by the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), if not a first time applicant
NIS Compliance NIS Compliance, if not a first time applicant
Proof of Ownership of Land Transport or Certificate of Title
If proof of ownership is not available evidence of right to occupy (e.g. lease) same can also be utilized
Details of financing the business venture

Audited Financial Statements

Intended Market
State from where financing of the project/business will come

To be submitted for the applicant company or business for the five years preceding the application

List of entities which business/company intends to supply with petroleum products